30 years of the law firm’s activity

News / 25.01.2024

Success – strong team, strong reputation

The law firm was founded in the first period of political transformation, that is, 1994. This was a time of major changes, not only political, but also commercial, economical, financial, social. It can be said that reality was changing from day to day, which regulations and procedures could not keep up with. There were no LEX, Legalis, template of contracts and documents, commentaries on regulations were published in trace amounts, and book publications were more in the nature of academic law textbooks. There were no computers or cell phones. The world was based on personal relationships.

In this reality, lawyers were needed who were not afraid of changes, who were creative, who often took risks to implement new legal solutions, and who proposed strategies that were not directly based in laws, because these did not keep up with the dynamics of change. We can say that it was a pioneering time, in which a new reality was born and we forged it.

At that time we didn’t talk about specializations – we were all learning the new reality, the new laws, and trying to optimally support the emerging business initiatives.

The law firm was formed in 1994 by three female partners who were legal advisors, who from the beginning served local companies and supported new business initiatives. The law firm was headquartered in one rented room with 2 desks and one ordinary keyboard typewriter, Law Journals and other publications. Over time, the number of clients and, consequently, the number of people working at the law firm increased. In addition, the office space grew, equipment and supporting infrastructure increased.

The Law Firm – challenges

As the law firm grew, the challenge became more interesting and non-standard projects, servicing large business entities and providing customized solutions. This was accompanied by a desire to cope with difficult and complex cases, so that the client could get legal assistance on the spot, here and now, without going outside the Podkarpackie region. We have always tried to understand the client’s needs and meet them.

Such goals were followed by the challenges of acquiring or training staff to handle such tasks and to conduct projects in the most optimal and satisfactory manner for the client, building partnerships and long-term relationships with them. What’s more, creating certain pillars of service on which the younger generation of lawyers practicing at the firm can build.

It was also a challenge to create the right infrastructure for client service. It was the purchase of the first office in 2005, and then in 2014 an entire floor for our operations. These investments allowed us to create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees and associates, and gave us the ability to serve the most demanding clients. Recent years have seen investments in the computerization of the law firm and the achievement of optimal security for client data collected and stored in our resources.

Wojciechowska & Wspólnicy – mission and values

The law firm’s mission and values have been definitely shaped by 30 years of experience gained from working with many clients on demanding and legally complex projects. This path has been forged by the team members themselves, who set high expectations both for themselves and in cooperation with other participants in economic turnover.

We believe that the reliability, stability, experience and security that we deliver for each project have become our motto of action.

An individual approach allows us to take care of legal and tax security. We are perfectly familiar with the regulations and the specifics of the areas in which we work. We provide ongoing legal services, support in the implementation of specific industry projects and legal assistance in specific cases. We do not operate according to established patterns – we tailor each proposed solution to the situation. We value long-term cooperation, which allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of the company and become part of the client’s business. We anticipate consequences long before they occur.

Where are we now? – The Law Firm’s growth, innovation and successes

After 30 years in business, we are in a very different place and in a very different environment. We have taken a big step forward. We are specialized law firm combining experience, knowledge, wisdom and practical, out-of-the-box approach to our clients’ legal problems. These skills are being taken over by colleagues from the younger generation of lawyers. And this is very gratifying.

We have a well-established position in the local legal services market, an established group of clients who place very high demands on us in terms of the quality of our services, seeking out-of-the-box solutions and supporting them in business as experts in particular areas of law. We always try to be close to the client, his cases and problems. We focus on specialization and a high level of substantive legal services.

Appearing for 30 years in legal transactions, we have had on the other side reputable law firms, including international ones, with whom we have won cases or concluded favourable settlements for clients. We have built a law firm for the 21st century, both in terms of premises and IT infrastructure.

The 30th anniversary is a great opportunity to draw conclusions and analyse the business. Such a summary is needed to rationally set priorities and plan for the future. We’ve had it up to here. We know that we want to provide services at the highest level, be experts in specific areas of law and be close to the client and his affairs.

We have a plan, a strategy and we are motivated to act. We look to the future with courage. This will allow us to achieve all our goals and strengthen the reliably built image of the law firm.