Advice and assistance to the contractor in preparation of explanations regarding the abnormally low price

Experience / 10.04.2024

The law firm’s lawyers legally supported the Client – a company operating in the infrastructure construction industry, in the preparation of explanations to the ordering party’s request for an abnormally low price in a public road procurement procedure.

The process of preparing explanations aimed at proving that the bid price offered by the Client is not an abnormally low price included a comprehensive analysis of the factual and legal situation in the area of public procurement, advice on presenting possible and effective arguments to defend the Client’s position, and preparation of detailed explanations.

Throughout the procedure, the law firm’s attorneys, among others:

  • analyzed the contents of the ordering party’s request in the context of the entire tender documentation and detailed calculations presented by the Client;
  • consulted possible variants of the procedure;
  • drafted a proposal for clarification to the ordering party with the required appendices.

The experience and knowledge of the law firm’s lawyers allowed the Client to efficiently and effectively carry out the clarification procedure before the ordering party within the deadline set by the ordering party. The Client received a comprehensive clarification draft containing not only legal arguments, but also technical arguments, which the law firm’s attorneys developed based on the documentation and clarifications provided by the Client.