Amendments to the construction law – digitalization of the construction process

Publication / 21.02.2023

In January 2023, further amendments to the Act of 7 July 1994 Construction Law came into force, representing another stage of digitalization of the construction process. The changes introduced concern, i.a., electronicisation with regard to the maintenance of the construction logbook and the book of construction objects.

Under the current legal status, the construction logbook may be kept in paper form (as was the case previously) or in electronic form in the Electronic Construction Log system. Construction logbooks that are currently kept in paper form may be continued in electronic form at the request of the developer. In the latter case, the construction log in paper form is closed and it is not possible to revert to this form. The paper construction logbooks issued or stamped by the architectural and construction administration authorities or the construction supervision authorities under the previous regulations remain valid and are maintained under the previous rules. Construction logbooks in paper form will only be issued until 31 December 2029.

The changes that have been implemented also apply to the keeping of building site books in electronic form (required, i.a., for multi-family houses, halls or industrial buildings). In this case, in accordance with the transitional provisions, the possibility to establish a building work book in accordance with the existing regulations will exist until 31 December 2023, however the owners or managers of a building who established a building work book in the existing form will be obliged, until 31 December 2026, to establish a building work book in the Digital Building Work Book system and close the existing books with an entry and store them in accordance with the existing rules. Ultimately, therefore, from 2027 onwards, the building object books are to be kept exclusively electronically