Another facility commercialized

Experience / 10.01.2024

In November 2023, the Law Firm’s lawyers carried out a project on behalf of a Client operating in the real estate development and hospitality industry, related to the Client’s lease of a hotel facility and the provision to the tenant and sub-tenants of services related to day-to-day functioning of the facility tailored to their individual needs.

The facility, which was the subject of the lease, was undergoing renovation and reconstruction at the time the parties entered into talks aimed at concluding the agreement, and the tenant, due to the specific nature of the subtenant’s business, coming from outside the territory of Poland, expected it to be adapted to its own needs (both in terms of adaptation works and equipment of the facility). At the same time, the tenant’s expectation was that the Client would provide services regarding the operation of the facility.

The Law Firm’s lawyers first prepared an audit, documentation including drafts of relevant agreements, i.e. a lease agreement and a service agreement with supporting documentation, and then actively supported the Client in the process of negotiating them, taking care not only to secure the Client’s interests in legal terms, but also in the context of working out the most favourable business conditions.

Thanks to the Law Firm’s legal support and the partnership approach of both parties, the entire process was successfully completed. The parties concluded agreements on satisfactory terms and proceeded with their implementation.