Digital Log Book of Construction Object

Publication / 11.03.2024

In accordance with the amendment to the Law of July 7, 1994, the Building Law, regarding introduction of Chapter 5d, “Project log book,” the owner and manager of a new building facility when establishing an Project log book in the current year are required to establish an Project log book in the Digital Log Book (c-KOB) system. In 2023, the establishment of the Project log book in electronic form was voluntary, while after December 31, 2023, the establishment of the Project log book for new facilities is already mandatory in digital form.

We remind you that the project log book must be kept for multi-family buildings, industrial buildings, halls, stores and factory buildings, while single-family houses, garages, sheds of other single-family buildings, roads and bridges, as well as objects on notification for which a construction permit is not required (listed in Article 29 (1) and (2) of the Building Law), excluding gas networks, are not subject to this obligation.

Transitional provisions introducing the amendment allowed project log books established by the end of 2023 to be maintained in paper form, but only until the end of 2026, while as of January 1, 2027, all project log books will be maintained digitally only.

Digitization is covering an ever-increasing scope of our lives, including definitely making it easier to conduct business, investment activities, participate in public procurement proceedings, or conduct litigation sometimes linked to the running of a business.