Interview with Joanna Wojciechowska

News / 04.04.2024

What inspires you most in your daily work?

I am already the second generation who not only works, but also creates certain values in the work of the law firm. I have been working there for 10 years in various positions, which also allows me to look at the work of the law firm in a complementary way. I am certainly inspired to work by Clients and their cases. The value that drives my action, is first of all the so-called digging into the subject and desire to find the optimal solution in a given situation. There is a challenge, so you have to concentrate on the topic, explore it enough to find a satisfactory solution for the Client or the law firm. For this, of course, you need a team, the creation of a concept and the use of appropriate working tools.

What event or legal case from the past years of working at the law firm has left the greatest impression on you and why?

I don’t know if it is possible to talk about a classic impression in the work of a lawyer working in business service. People, companies and other entities put tasks before us, they want us to solve their legal problems, to support them in making decisions, often with great personal, property or business risks. To put it simply, they want us to act professionally. We, on the other hand, try to approach each case individually, to find a solution that will meet the expectations of the Client and, as it were, “settle the subject”. The specifics of working with a business Client present us with different challenges than a lawyer serving individuals, such as in criminal or family matters.

The general principles and risks are similar, but each industry and Client is individual, including in terms of certain requirements. If we get to know these conditions, requirements, it is a field for us for further cooperation. Because only in this way we can become a partner for our Client. This is a long process, but necessary in cooperation.

Of course, I will remember agreements/contracts that I negotiated for a couple of months and lost faith myself that it would be possible to conclude them with a signature, and yet at some point there was a turnaround and a quick conclusion.

I will also remember in an extremely positive way the finale of several long-standing disputes between shareholders, ending with the signing of a settlement agreement, which the parties then executed in full. Such cases are worth working for, even for several months or years. They give the greatest satisfaction.

Is there any unusual legal case that was exceptionally difficult to resolve, but ultimately brought the greatest satisfaction?

These unusual cases in our the law firm are too many to remember them in detail. What is important is the very mechanism of action in such a case. Often a Client comes with a so-called difficult case, devoid of any illusions that he is able to conclude it to his satisfaction. After a few months, he ends the case with a settlement or a solution that secures him and puts his business situation in order. And in such a situation, we also achieve great satisfaction.

What are your favourite tools or strategies that you use to maintain work-life balance in a demanding legal environment?

This is not a simple matter for a young lawyer. The number of cases, their gravity, and in many cases overwork – they simply take their toll. However, I try to have a world parallel to work, based on building personal, non-work relationships. I also try to have time to go out, read a good book or watch a movie.

Can you share a story that shows how the law firm has evolved and developed over the past 30 years?

I think I can start the story still from my school days.  When I went to high school, my mother often asked me to help her with dictation writing or transcribing texts. That’s how I earned my pocket money. Later, when I was already in college, I worked in the secretary’s office during summer vacation, replacing the assistant, or helping her with her work or organizing case files. After college, during my apprenticeship, I partially worked in a law firm, supervising the secretariat as well. It was no longer the same secretariat housed in a tiny room. It was also not the same personnel and material resources. This is true in virtually every area of the law firm’s operations.

What challenges related to technology or regulatory changes have you encountered in your work, and how do you deal with them?

We have Clients who place great demands on us to secure their information submitted to the law firm.

While security in the material sphere is not a challenge, IT security is. This is a major challenge that we try to meet by creating some secure, but nevertheless difficult to implement IT solutions with our IT specialists. We are up to date in this work and take into account the expectations of customers in every area.

Is there anything unique about your work that has inspired you to develop professionally or personally in a particular way?

I don’t see anything unique in my work, as in the work of most lawyers. In fact, I tend to the thesis that in practicing a profession professionally, we should rather approach the role of a very good craftsman. Therefore, we need to constantly develop our own competence and have excellent tools for our work. Hence, in my case, constant study and weekly English classes, which I use in contract negotiations and business talks. Hence the postgraduate studies in intellectual property law. I also keep up with technological innovations all the time, as these are our tools for work.

Do you think your role at the law firm has contributed to any significant changes or innovations in the way the firm operates?

I am that new generation that senses more the need for change, to simplify certain schemes, to introduce new technologies, solutions, programs that organize, but at the same time simplify certain processes in the law firm. This is what I have been devoting a lot of time to recently.

What are your biggest achievements in your work at the law firm so far?

I have a base of my own Clients who have placed a great deal of trust in me, of which I am extremely proud and for which I thank them. Working with Clients, in order to be effective and satisfying for both parties, must be based on a great deal of trust.

I am working quite hard to streamline the work in the law firm, streamline communication with Clients, introduce certain management, organizational and image processes that build the law firm’s value.

What are your personal professional goals for the coming years?

Certainly my goal is to maintain good relations with Clients and continue to be their partner in cooperation. Since changes happen very quickly in any company, this is quite a challenge. I believe, however, that this goal will be achieved.

In the years to come, I will continue to focus on personal and professional development. I would definitely like to start more postgraduate studies, as well as learning Spanish.