Legal support in the process of implementation of photovoltaic farms

Experience / 14.02.2024

The law firm’s advocates and attorneys supported Clients from the legal and business perspective during their implementation of investments related to the construction of high-power photovoltaic installations/farms. Some of them were implemented under the “design and build” formula, and some under the “build” formula.

The law firm’s lawyers conducted an assessment of the documentation and investment assumptions, and then, based on the results of the analysis, drafted contracts for the design and construction of photovoltaic installations/farms for each client.

Subsequently, the advocates and attorneys supported the Clients at the stage of negotiating contracts. During discussions with contractors, the law firm’s lawyers  focused on developing safe and favorable contractual provisions for Clients primarily in the following areas:

  • defining the scope of works to be performed;
  • the method of execution, taking into account the necessity of performing works in buildings where current operations are carried out;
  • payment terms and conditions;
  • terms of acceptance of the investment;
  • replacement performance;
  • performance bond and security for removal of defects and faults during the warranty and guarantee period;
  • withdrawal from the contract;
  • contractual penalties;
  • warranty and guarantee conditions.

Lawyers also supported clients during the execution phase of each of their investments.

Thanks to well-prepared contracts for the execution of investments, all disputes have been resolved successfully for Clients without the need to engage in years-long litigation.