Maintenance of security for the Law Firm’s Client

News / 27.09.2019

In a decision dated September 06, 2019. The Court of Appeals in Rzeszow upheld the decision of the Regional Court in Rzeszow, on the basis of which there was security for the Law Firm’s Client’s claim to a total amount of more than PLN 7,000,000.00 by establishing a compulsory mortgage on the right of perpetual usufruct and the right of ownership of buildings located on the property held by the defendant – an investor in the energy industry. The Court of Second Instance, hearing the other party’s complaint, shared the position and arguments presented by the Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys.

The above decision was made in connection with pending proceedings before the Regional Court in Rzeszow for payment to the Law Firm’s Client of remuneration for construction work under the investor’s joint and several liability.