Only a thorough audit of the employer will allow to eliminate the weak points of the solutions applied by the employer in the field of labour law

Experience / 16.10.2023

The Law Firm’s attorneys not only develop customized intra-company regulations, payroll regulations, notices, sample documents necessary for the HR department, but also advise on how to implement these changes safely and in accordance with applicable laws.

Our experience shows that in order to reliably develop customized intra-company regulations or document templates, it is necessary to first conduct a meticulous audit of the documents/regulations held by the employer, learn about its needs and business profile, evaluate the collected material, and then present the employer not only with the results of this audit, but also with proposals for solutions.

We have applied such a method of operation in one of the major manufacturing companies, which carries out its projects also outside Poland. We first conducted a thorough audit of the regulations, procedures and document templates used by this employer, learned about its needs, and then proposed solutions tailored to its individual needs.

Our Clients, thanks to the proposed solutions, gain confidence that the solutions implemented at their company with the help of The Law Firm, are not only tailored to their individual needs, but most importantly, they are in compliance with the applicable laws and reduce the risk of disputes with employees.