Civil law

Our lawyers provide legal services as part of a civil law, having in this area many years of experience gained during the implementation of specific projects, legal entities and individual clients. Attorneys and legal advisers within this specialization perform mainly activities consisting of:

  • preparing, assessing, negotiating trade agreements in domestic and international range;
  • verifying contracts for protection of legal interests of customers;
  • legal advicing during the implementation of trade agreements;
  • legal advicing in the claims formulation arising during the implementation of agreements;
  • preparing, assessing tenders, agreements, unilateral declarations of will, letters of intent;
  • legal advicing in the private wealth management;
  • legal advicing on the acquisition of assets by individuals and commercial entities;
  • legal advicing in conducting investment processes;
  • preparing audits of the legal status of real estate;
  • preparing expert reports and legal opinions in connection with emerging doubts on the legal basis of civil law;
  • preparing, assessing bank guarantee / insurance and handling cases related to the investigation or warranty claims for the reimbursement of the deposit;
  • representation of clients at the stage of court proceedings before common courts and the Supreme Court;
  • preparing legal analyzes concerning violations and protection of personal property;
  • conducting proceedings of copyright protection;
  • conducting legal analysis of contracts for compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • representation of clients at the pre- court stage;
  • representation of clients at the stage of the arbitration, mediation and conciliatory proceedings;
  • representation of clients at the stage of enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy;

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