Geological and Mining Law

The Law Firm offers legal support from a dedicated team of specialists in geological and mining law, consisting of:

  • counselling and legal assistance in preparation or adaptation of the organizational and capital structure of the project to the requirements provided by the geological and mining law;
  • comprehensive support and representation in administrative and administrative court proceedings related to geological and mining activities, including in the procedure for issuing and amending licenses for exploration, prospecting and extraction of minerals from deposits;
  • drafting appeals against administrative decisions and appeals against administrative court decisions in geological and mining matters;
  • legal support for the processes of establishing mining plants, developing and approving mining plant traffic plans, workplace health and safety in mines and the rules for conducting mining plant operations;
  • ongoing, comprehensive legal services for entities in the geological and mining sector conducted according to the highest standards;
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements in the field of geological and mining law, including agreements on:
    • mining use,
    • conducting surveys, including geophysical and geological surveys, and preparing documentation, including geological-engineering, hydrogeological and subsoil surveys,
    • acquisition of land necessary for the implementation of the investment or temporary occupation of real estate for the investment,
    • implementation of technical solutions and purchase, delivery and installation of machinery for the geological, mining and quarrying industry, as well as the sale and delivery of aggregates;
  • legal support for geological enterprises at all stages of public procurement proceedings, including representation before the National Board of Appeal and common courts;
  • legal counselling and legal representation in disputes before common courts and arbitration courts, including mining damage disputes;
  • drafting of cross-cutting legal opinions and expert reports on the interpretation of the provisions of the geological and mining law;
  • comprehensive support of processes relating to the transformation or restructuring of companies in the geological and mining sector.

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