Investment law and building regulations

M. Wojciechowska & Partners Legal Office as one of the few in Podkarpackie region is specialized in comprehensive advisory services related to the legal support of the processes of investment. Our lawyers have extensive and rich experience in legal services for investment projects. The range of legal services provided include:

  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of construction contracts and agreement for general contracting of investments, including those based on FIDIC procedures;
  • carrying out legal audit of real estate;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of contracts for the design and supervision;
  • preparation of tender documentation of the investment process;
  • legal assistance in the settlement of the investment process, contracts for the design, construction contracts, agreements concluded with the Engineer of the Contract, as well as contracts for the supply, service and other related to the investment;
  • representation of clients in proceedings before the National Board of Appeal, courts of law and administrative courts;
  • preparing documentation regarding claims of contractors with respect to additional works and parts;
  • recovery of claims arising in the performance of contracts for construction work at the pre-trial stage, for the investor or contractor;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of contracts for the supervision of the investor;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of contracts with service providers;
  • developing strategies to negotiate the conclusion of the above contracts;
  • legal assistance in administrative proceedings related to obtaining a decision; zoning on the environmental conditions associated with the investment, on the construction permit;
  • representing clients in arbitration proceedings;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of agreements to act as Project Manager and Contract Engineer;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation of contracts with contractors and subcontractors;
  • preparation, evaluation, negotiation the consortium contracts;
  • preparation of legal opinions on the process of investment and construction;
  • representing clients in disputes between the participants of the investment process and construction, in particular, investors, contractors, subcontractors works, designers, inspectors;
  • preparation of procedures for withdrawal;

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