Start in Podkarpackie – service for start-ups – IV round of incubation

News / 05.02.2021

Starting from May 2019, our law firm has been providing legal services to start-ups (capital companies) as part of the project implemented together with Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A based in Rzeszów entitled Start in Podkarpackie.

Currently, the fourth round of the start-up incubation program is already underway, in which our Law Firm lawyers are still actively involved.

As part of the program, the Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to prepare companies to provide their services in accordance with law, particularly in the areas of personal data protection, product sales and service provision. We also help in regulating legal relations in the company, as well as analyze and prepare the required and necessary documentation governing cooperation with potential contractors and customers.

To date, as many as 120 entities have benefited from the Law Firm’s legal assistance!

We are all pleased that some of the incubated companies that trusted us are still using our services today despite the end of the incubation period.