Startup platform – Start in Podkarpackie – startup service

News / 08.10.2019

We would like to inform that since May 2019, the Law Firm has been providing legal services to start-ups (capital companies) incubated in the first round under the project implemented together with Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. based in Rzeszow entitled Start in Podkarpackie.

To date, 40 capital companies have benefited from the Law Firm’s legal assistance, as part of which the Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys have drafted a number of documents. In connection with the needs of the incubated entities, the Law Firm’s lawyers have drawn up, among other things, corporate documents, data protection documents, as well as documents regulating the manner and principles of using mobile applications and online stores. Some of the incubated entities, recognizing the professionalism and high level of legal service guaranteed by the Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys, have already declared their readiness and willingness to start further cooperation after the incubation period.