Success in negotiations related to leaving a partner from a limited liability company.

News / 13.01.2020

After negotiations conducted by the Law Firm’s advocates, the Law Firm’s Client succeeded in leaving the limited liability company on terms favorable to him. The Law Firm’s Client had been in a corporate dispute with the majority shareholder for many years, as a result of which he was deprived of any influence over the day-to-day operations of the company. The majority shareholder, who is also the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, also prevented the Law Firm’s Client from accessing the company’s books and documents and permanently deprived him of his right to dividends.

The Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys defended the Client’s corporate rights in court by filing lawsuits against the Company for revoking or declaring invalid the resolutions passed at shareholders’ meetings. The Law Firm’s lawyers also applied for payment to the Law Firm’s Client of outstanding dividends and for providing access to the Client to documents and business books of the company under Article 212 of the Code of Commercial Companies. The actions taken by the Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys, and in particular the final judgment of the Regional Court, by virtue of which the company was ordered to provide the Law Firm’s Client with access to the documents requested by the Client in the course of the audit, resulted in the company entering into discussions regarding the Law Firm’s Client’s leaving the company.

With the support of the Law Firm’s advocates and attorneys, the negotiations proceeded in accordance with the Client’s expectations.