Success in the case for payment of remuneration for investor supervision

News / 27.03.2019

The Regional Court in Rzeszow, in a judgment handed down, dismissed the defendant’s appeal against the judgment of the District Court in Rzeszow, upholding the payment order awarding the Law Firm’s Client the amount of PLN 61,500.00 plus interest. The amount in question constituted remuneration for the provision of services consisting in construction management and investor supervision in connection with the investment implemented by the defendant.

This ruling was made in a case in which the parties, after completing a written contract covering the first stage of the investment, entered into another, this time an oral contract for the provision of services, setting a monthly flat fee.

Both the Court of First and Second Instance agreed with the position presented by the Law Firm’s lawyers that the parties had effectively concluded an oral contract for the provision of services, as the law does not reserve any specific form for its conclusion.