Success in the case of mutual settlements between the investor and the contractor

News / 04.09.2018

The District Court Lublin-East in Lublin, based in Świdnik, accepted our Client’s counterclaim in full, as well as dismissed the main claim for payment of close to PLN 40,000 filed by his contractor.

The basis of the claims was a construction contract. The plaintiff sought an award of approximately PLN 40,000.00 for the remaining part of the remuneration for the construction work performed, as well as accrued contractual penalties for withdrawal from the contract. The Law Firm’s lawyers drafted an objection to the payment order and filed a counterclaim for payment of the amount due of approximately PLN 15,000. Thanks to the arguments presented in the course of the trial, the Court dismissed the main claim in its entirety, while taking into account the claims arising from the counterclaim.