Success of the Law Firm in the case against the members of the board of directors of a limited liability company

News / 14.09.2018

Due to the fact that the Client of the Law Firm had a final court decision awarding tens of thousands of zlotys from its contractor (a limited liability company), and the execution from the company’s assets turned out to be ineffective, the lawyers of the Law Firm, on the basis of Article 299 of the Code of Commercial Companies, filed a lawsuit against the members of its management board. Thanks to the arguments presented in the course of the proceedings, the District Court of Lublin – Wschód in Lublin, based in Świdnik, accepted the claim in its entirety, obliging the members of the management board to pay to our Client the amount resulting from the payment order issued against the limited liability company, increased by, among other things, the costs of the enforcement proceedings conducted against the company.