Success of the law firm in the case of revoking the resolution of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting

News / 31.10.2016

The Regional Court in Rzeszow accepted in full the Law Firm’s Client’s claim to revoke the resolution of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of a limited liability company, on the basis of which a salary of PLN 8,000 gross was set for the company’s CEO, he was awarded additional remuneration in the amount of 1/5 of the company’s annual profit, and the company was obliged to cover all costs related to the performance of the CEO’s duties.

The Regional Court agreed with the position expressed by the Law Firm’s lawyers and indicated that the appealed resolution is contrary to good morals and harms the interests of the company. The court pointed out that the resolution in question leads, by taking advantage of the position of the majority shareholder, to loss of benefits to a shareholder with a minority of shares, and indefinitely obliges the company to cover the costs associated with the performance of the function of chairman of the board, which may constitute a significant financial burden for the company.