Summary time 2023

News / 02.01.2024

January is the time to summarize many projects and the entire past year. We checked with what result we completed the previous year in terms of preparing, reviewing, negotiating and concluding contracts.

There were hundreds of contracts in 2023, and they mainly concerned construction works, design works, geological works, consortium formation and management contracts for the participants involved in the construction process.

Large numbers of contracts were also contracts for the execution, purchase and servicing of process lines, equipment and facilities for production plants, as well as contracts for supply of raw materials and components for production. We also prepared a large number of contracts to ensure the operation of plants in good condition and readiness for production, including, i.a., for technical maintenance of production plants and the provision of other specialized services.

When we summarize by value the contracts prepared, reviewed, or negotiated in 2023, we have something to boast about and something to celebrate. The total amount is more than PLN 1.5 billion.