Well prepared and well-negotiated Corporate Collective Labour Agreement is not hard to implement

Experience / 08.11.2022

Labour law specialists at our Law Firm have developed a corporate collective labour agreement (CCLA), tailored to the individual needs of the Client. The developed rules of remuneration, on the one hand, were intended to simplify the regulations used so far, and on the other hand, to adapt the principles of employee remuneration to the current legal regulations.

The Client asked the Law Firm for assistance in updating payroll regulations and unifying remuneration rules. The case required analysing a number of complex legal issues, due to the specifics of the organizational structure and profile of the business. The case involved one of the largest manufacturing companies, operating in the extractive/mining industry in south-eastern Poland.

The lawyers made a thorough analysis of the regulations governing matters related to the remuneration of employees working in the mining industry, reviewing regulations sometimes decades old. The peculiarities of the case also required comparing different regulations from different periods and tracing changes in these regulations. These activities, often tedious, helped the Law Firm’s lawyers to find and implement the best possible solutions, aimed at unifying and changing the Client’s wage regulations.

As a result of the actions taken by the Law Firm and the solutions proposed, the content of the CCLA was amended, corresponding to the requirements of law, which then passed the registration procedure. At the next stage of work on this demanding project, legal advisors supported the Client’s HR services in the process of implementing the provisions of the CCLA developed and agreed with the trade unions.

Our experience used in the implementation of this project allowed us to meet the Client’s expectations, i.e., on the one hand, to unify the payroll regulations in force in his company and obtain the approval of the trade unions operating in the workplace, and on the other hand, to adjust them to the applicable regulations.

Thanks to our assistance, the Client gained certainty, confirmed by a positive verification procedure, that the CCLA implemented with the Law Firm’s assistance and the solutions applied therein are in compliance with the law, thereby reducing the risk of disputes with employees.