Well-prepared labour regulations will allow the employer to reduce employment costs

Experience / 21.02.2024

The law firm’s attorneys developed customized work regulations for our Client, along with the necessary and required appendices.

The Client initially asked us to assist only in updating the intra-company regulations applicable at the workplace. After analyzing the regulations in force and the work organization solutions used at the Client, we proposed a number of organizational and legal solutions that would not only improve the organization of work, but also result in a reduction in employment-related costs.

The case concerned one of the largest geological companies in Poland.

The preparation of work regulations, tailored to the individual needs of the Client, was preceded by a detailed and thorough analysis of the way work is organized, the organizational solutions used by the Client so far, and ended with the proposal of several possible solutions dedicated to him in the field of organization of work of employees and settlement of their working time.

With the support of the law firm’s attorneys, the Client selected the best possible solutions, which were then implemented.

The proposed solutions, in terms of introducing new working time systems not previously used at the company, will allow to reduce employment costs by introducing an equivalent working time system. It will allow the Client to schedule the working hours of employees working in the field more flexibly, and thus avoid overtime work.

In addition to introducing the new working time system, we have also proposed to the Client to introduce the so-called “mobile working time organization” for certain groups of employees. This, in turn, will allow the Client to plan work more flexibly and enable it to avoid the legal consequences of an employee’s violation of the working day, and, more importantly, will reduce employment costs, as the employer will not be obliged to pay remuneration for the so-called “empty overtime hours.”

The law firm’s experience and full involvement of its attorneys in the implementation of this project allowed the Client to adjust the organization of work to actual needs. Moreover, thanks to the measures taken, there was an optimization of costs related to the Company’s employees.