Paulina Kaczmarczyk-Bugajna


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About me

She specializes in public procurement law and investment and construction law. She advises and represents Clients at every stage of the tendering process, including before the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and in court proceedings. She provides comprehensive services to companies related to the construction industry, as well as to individual investment projects, including participation in the conclusion and execution of construction contracts, in the filing, determination and settlement of claims of contractors and subcontractors of construction works and in disputes related to execution of contracts. The area of her practice also includes preparation, review, and negotiation of contracts in business transactions, with particular emphasis on contracts related to implementation of the investment process and ongoing legal services for business entities.

She has worked as an attorney-at-law since 2015. She has many years of experience in providing services to corporate Clients operating in, among others, mining industry, construction, including infrastructure, development, manufacturing, and automotive industries. She also has extensive experience in providing comprehensive services to commercial law companies, including both day-to-day legal services, as well as mergers, demergers, and transformations of companies.

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Rzeszow. In addition, as part of her specialization, she completed postgraduate studies at Jagiellonian University in the fields of: Public Procurement Law (2021), Contract Law in Consumer and Professional Trade (2023).

She speaks legal English.