Comprehensive legal service of the development investment

News / 15.07.2023

We provide comprehensive legal services in connection with the implementation by the Client of a development project for the construction of a multi-family residential building.

We started our participation in the project already at the stage of planning and creation of the organizational and legal model for the investment, providing legal advice in the process of selecting and determining the most optimal path for the acquisition of real estate, obtaining financing and creating a special-purpose entity that will implement the investment.

In subsequent stages, our support included the preparation of contracts necessary for the implementation of the investment, i.e. contracts for design work or contracts for construction work, in which we provided for the most legally optimal solutions to secure the Client’s interests to the fullest extent possible.

We also prepared legal analyses of the issues arising under the Development Act and prepared a package of documents necessary in sales process, including a model reservation agreement, development agreement or information prospectus. Also in this regard, we made sure that the solutions used by the Client remain in compliance with current regulations, and at the same time were beneficial to him.

The project is currently under construction, and the Client has concluded the first agreements with purchasers of the apartments.

Our experience in matters related to the implementation of investment projects, as well as our full commitment to the project entrusted to us, allow us to keep supporting the Client in all ongoing matters related to its progress.