Real Estate

The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support in real estate matters, which includes:

  • preparation of legal audits of acquired real estate, taking into account ownership, rights of third parties and encumbrances on real estate;
  • preparation of analyses, including legal and tax analyses, regarding real estate acquired or used, taking into account the planning situation, provisions of the local zoning plan, conservation and environmental protection, as well as indicating the most optimal ways to acquire real estate;
  • advising and direct involvement in the process of acquiring and disposing of real estate;
  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, as well as legal support in the implementation of contracts and agreements regarding:
    • acquisition and disposal of real estate, including preliminary and final agreements,
    • obtaining approvals for real estate entering and compensation therefor,
    • lease, rental, and lending of real estate, including documentation related to securing these contracts and their termination,
    • real estate brokerage
    • real estate management
  • counseling on the most optimal form of securing contracts related to the acquisition or disposal of real estate;
  • representation in pre-litigation disputes and court proceedings concerning real estate, including claims under concluded lease, rental and lending agreements or for non-contractual use of real estate;
  • legal support and representation in judicial, administrative and administrative court proceedings concerning the regulation of the legal status of real estate, including, inter alia, in proceedings for the abolition of co-ownership, acquisitive prescription, establishment of easements, regulation of the contents of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status, division of real estate and return of expropriated real estate;
  • providing advice, drawing up legal opinions and analyses, and representation in administrative and administrative court proceedings relating to obtaining decisions on land development and zoning conditions and construction permits;
  • legal support in obtaining the right to dispose of real estate for construction purposes and obtaining approvals for entering the property;
  • preparing analyses on the possibility of acquiring agricultural real estate, as well as support and representation before the National Center for Agricultural Support in proceedings related to consent to the acquisition of real estate;
  • counseling on the establishment and removal of encumbrances on real estate, including limited property rights – easements and mortgages;
  • services to real estate development companies, including drafting, reviewing, negotiating and providing legal assistance in the execution of reservation, development and preliminary agreements;
  • legal support to owners and managers of commercial facilities, including:
    • support in commercialization and re-commercialization of facilities, operation and management of facilities and litigation;
    • support in matters relating to the termination of contracts with tenants and lessees and the return of premises, as well as in the recovery of receivables;
    • drafting bylaws and other internal documentation governing the operation of commercial facilities;
    • drafting, reviewing and negotiating lease and rental agreements, as well as documentation related to securing these agreements and their execution.

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