Monika Grochola


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About me

She specializes in matters of investment and construction law, with particular emphasis on matters related to the implementation of construction contracts, including on the basis of FIDIC. She participates in filing, determination, and settlement of claims of all participants in the construction process, including designers, ordering parties, contractors, and subcontractors. She represents Clients in all disputes at the pre-litigation and litigation stages, as well as in mediation, conciliation, and arbitration proceedings.

Her practice area includes real estate law matters, including regulation of legal status, purchase of commercial real estate and its use in business activities. She provides ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs in the construction, investment, and development industry.

She has been associated with our law firm since 2015. She has worked as an attorney-at-law since 2020. As a lawyer, she has participated in several complex processes related to the regularization of commercial properties and their ongoing maintenance. She participated in the process of commercialization and re-commercialization of many commercial buildings. As a team member, she participated in designing and settlement of large construction projects, both on the side of investors and construction contractors.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Rzeszow. Currently, she is a participant in postgraduate studies at Lazarski University in Warsaw in the field of Investment and construction process for lawyers.