How to get the contract executed when the customer does not want to pay?

Experience / 14.07.2023

The case commissioned to the Law Firm by the Client concerned buyers who signed a preliminary contract for the sale of a property on which the Client was building a single-family residential building. The purchasers did not execute the preliminary agreement, nor did they pay the Client for the construction work performed by the Client on the residential building, and at the same time, without the Client’s consent, moved into the building. The Client repeatedly called on the purchasers to execute the preliminary sales agreement and to pay the remuneration for the construction work – without result.

The Law Firm’s attorneys conducted a comprehensive legal analysis of the facts, prepared draft solutions and formulated the Client’s claims under the preliminary agreement and the provisions of the Civil Code. Then, acting on behalf of the Client, they took over the entire process of talks and negotiations with the buyers. Further activities of the Firm’s lawyers consisted of preparing a settlement for the Client regarding the performance of the purchasers’ obligations and participating in negotiations aimed at concluding the settlement.

The unlawful occupiers of the apartment building belonging to the Client signed the settlement agreement and began to fulfill the obligations contained therein.