Geological contractual marathon completed

News / 01.08.2023

We have successfully completed work for a Client operating in the geological industry in preparing and negotiating a package of contracts related to the performance of geological works in planned road investments carried out by the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways, including among others the roads S-19, S-8, DK8, DK9, DK73.

The subject of the contracts was to perform geological work, including the drilling of test holes in the area of the planned road investment, in order to collect and examine soil samples, and the Client’s preparation of geological and engineering documentation. The value of individual contracts included remuneration ranging from several hundred thousand to several million PLN.

Our priority task was to obtain for the Client favorable conditions for the execution and acceptance of geological work, conditions for the settlement of remuneration, and to obtain other safeguards of a legal nature. With the help of our lawyers, we managed to negotiate favorable contractual provisions and meet the Client’s expectations.