Once again the employers are surprised by new regulations

Publication / 20.11.2023

The amendment, introduced by the Regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy dated October 18, 2023, amending the Regulation on occupational safety and health in workplaces equipped with screen monitors (“Dz. U.” item 2367), concerns occupational safety and health and ergonomics requirements for workplaces equipped with screen monitors.

The amendment is effective as of November 17, 2023.

The date of November 17, 2023 is very important for employers, as the obligations imposed on them depend on whether a workstation equipped with screen monitors already exists at the workplace or is yet to be created as a new workstation.

Pursuant to § 2 of the aforementioned Regulation, employers shall adapt workstations equipped with screen monitors created before the effective date of the Regulation to the minimum requirements of occupational safety and health and ergonomics specified in the amending Regulation within 6 months of its entry into force.

Although the deadline for adapting workstations to the amended provisions does not expire until May of next year, nevertheless, this is not too much time to review existing workstations at workplaces and plan the financial resources necessary for adapting these workstations to the new regulations.

With regard to workstations created after November 17, 2023, equipped with screen monitors, the new obligations should be applied already at the stage of their creation.

According to the new definition, a workstation is understood to be a workspace with basic equipment (including a screen monitor, keyboard, mouse or other input devices, software with a user interface); a chair and table; and optional additional equipment (including a disk station, printer, scanner, document holder, footrest).