Success before the court of appeal on the lease agreement claim

News / 29.06.2021

On June 29, 2021, the law firm’s advocates and attorneys successfully concluded a litigation, the subject of which were the claims of the law firm’s client (landlord) arising from the lease relationship against the tenant, who, contrary to the contractual provisions between the parties, left the leased premises before the expiration of the period for which the lease agreement had been concluded and neglected to pay the claims under the agreement.

The Court of Appeals in Rzeszow fully shared the argumentation of the law firm’s lawyers, by means of which they fought the tenant’s claims and allegations regarding the statute of limitations of the claims in dispute, including, among other things, the ineffectiveness of the termination of the lease agreement by the law firm’s client due to the tenant’s prior declarations of withdrawal from the lease agreement, or its termination for reasons attributable to the law firm’s client.

Thus, the judgment of the court of first instance awarding the law firm’s Client the amount of approximately PLN 600,000.00. remains legally valid.