Winning the case of claims against GDDKiA (the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways)

News / 10.07.2015

In a judgment dated July 10, 2015. The Regional Court in Rzeszow has accepted the major part of the subcontractors’ claim represented by the Law Firm brought against the State Treasury – General Director of National Roads and Motorways for payment of remuneration under the joint and several liability of the Investor (Article 6471 § 5 of the Civil Code).

A total amount of more than PLN 370,000.00 was awarded in favor of the Law Firm’s Clients.

In the recitals of the decision, the Regional Court indicated that it found the provision of the subcontract invalid, limiting the Investor’s liability for the general contractor’s obligations to the subcontractor to the amount of the general contractor’s remuneration (unit prices) under the general contract.