Estonian CIT

Publication / 07.12.2020

As of January 1, 2021, companies will have the opportunity to benefit from a lump sum on the income of joint-stock companies, i.e. the so-called Estonian CIT. Its idea is to pay income tax only when profit is distributed to shareholders or when it is allocated to cover losses. The solution is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized joint-stock companies whose revenues do not exceed PLN 100,000,000. Only those joint-stock companies will be able to benefit from Estonian CIT:

1) whose shareholders are exclusively natural persons;

2) which do not hold shares in other entities;

3) which employ at least 3 persons, excluding shareholders;

4) whose passive income does not exceed operating income; and;

5) which show capital expenditures.

All of the above conditions will have to be met cumulatively.