Exclusion of a shareholder from the company

Experience / 22.03.2023

The Law Firm’s lawyers successfully ended a court case, representing a Client, who was a minority shareholder in a limited liability company in a medical field. The trial lasted a few years and finished only at the stage of the cassation complaint.

The majority shareholder demanded the exclusion of the Client from the company on the grounds of, in his judgement, important reasons which included: numerous inspections conducted by the Client in the company and the fact, that the Client lived abroad Poland. The Law Firm successfully represented the minority shareholder, before the court of the first and second instance as well as before the Supreme Court. The courts of both instances agreed with the lawyers from the Law Firm, that neither living abroad nor the inspections performed by the Client, even when they have not shown any important irregularities, are no reason to exclude the minority shareholder from the company.

The majority shareholder had not agreed with those rulings and filed a complaint to the Supreme Court. Finally, the cassation complaint did not have the intended effect.