Significant changes in the law on the National Court Register

Publication / 28.03.2018

On March 15 this year, an amendment to the Act on the National Court Register came into force, which fundamentally changed, among other things, the way annual financial statements are filed. After March 15, 2018, the filing of the documents referred to in Article 69 of the Accounting Law will be possible only by filing them through the ICT system provided by the Minister of Justice. These documents will be able to be reported directly and free of charge to the newly created Financial Documents Repository – without the intermediation of the Court, or for a fee, electronically, through the Court using form Z-30.

In addition, the amendment in question introduced several completely new obligations related to the registration of entities in the National Court Register. As of this date, it is mandatory to file two additional documents, i.e. a statement of the members of the boards of directors with an address for service, and a list including the name, surname and address for service or the company or name and registered office of the members of the bodies or persons authorized to appoint the board of directors, and if the shareholder is a legal entity, the names and addresses for service of the members of the body authorized to represent that legal entity must be provided.