Sometimes a beneficial court settlement is more important

Experience / 14.02.2023

The attorneys of our Law Firm represented one of the largest company in the construction industry, executing contracts outside Poland, in a court case pending before a regional court (due to the value of the subject matter of the dispute), which concerned the claims of a former employee for overtime payment.

Thanks to our help the case ended with a settlement beneficial for our Client.

An employee has filed a claim against our Client for overtime payment for the entire non-barred period of his employment outside the country.

After tracking the history of employment of the employee during the proceedings we presented arguments against his claim, based on the managerial function fulfilled by the employee. Our argumentation prepared the ground for a beneficial court settlement for our Client and eliminated long court proceedings with witnesses and court experts.

Client not only dodged a tedious trial but also closed the case in accordance with his expectations.

Success in this case was possible thanks to a full engagement of our team, our experience in court proceedings and professional approach to every case.