Legal services for employers

The Law Firm has a long-standing experience in legal service for the employers, primarily middle and large-sized ones. This specialisation includes:

  • day-to-day support in the matter of employees, including interpretation of the regulations of labour law and in contentious cases;
  • constant legal service to HR departments and other organisation branches within the area of labour law;
  • advices in the area of employing in accordance with current regulations, including recommendations suited for individual needs for optimal forms of employing (employment, temporary work, civil law contracts and managerial contracts, workforce outsourcing);
  • comprehensive support in safe and legal delegating employees to work abroad and in employing foreigners;
  • advice for safe and legal termination of employment;
  • comprehensive audits of documentation of employees conducted to evaluate its accordance with current regulations, including pointing out the irregularities and potential risks and propositions of the best, legal solutions to diagnosed problems;
  • comprehensive audits of the intra-company regulations in the area of labour law, which include pointing out the violations and incorrect regulations, dedicated propositions of solutions of diagnosed problems and recommendations for legal security;
  • comprehensive company organizational audits conducted in order to prepare optimal solutions for organisational structure, management and employment;
  • preparation, evaluation and implementation of intra-company regulations concerning labour law required by the law (including terms and conditions of work, payment, social benefit fund and remote work) as well as other documents issued by the employer, such as terms and conditions of rationalisation projects or terms and conditions of competitions conducted by the employer;
  • support with drafting employment contracts and additional agreements, required by law information for the employees and other legal documents;
  • drafting proposals for non-competition agreements, upskilling agreements and non-disclosure agreements tailored to the individual employer’s needs;
  • support for the employer in contacts and negotiations with labour unions, during the implementation of intra-company regulations and during solving any disputes that may arise over the implementation of said regulations;
  • legal support in resolving collective disputes, including evaluation of possible solutions of conflict and creating projects of solutions or minutes of discrepancies;
  • creation and implementation of anti-mobbing procedures connected with support for the employer in research into mobbing, discrimination and unequal treatment of employees;
  • comprehensive support concerning GDPR and other regulations concerning private data of employees, primarily creation and implementation of procedures and nullifying the results of their breech;
  • preparation and implementation of procedures providing protection of private data of the employer;
  • legal support in labour accidents proceedings at the pre-litigation stage and in court proceedings stage;
  • support in restructuring the workplace and safe conducting the transfer of employees that may result from the restructuring;
  • representation of employers in conflicts resulted from employment relationship and other conflicts related to employment in the court and during mediation and conciliation;
  • support during inspections from State Labour Inspection, primarily filing disclaimers to the protocol of the inspection, responses to the suggestions and implementation of the post-inspection suggestions, as well as support during appeal from decisions of the inspection institutions during the administrative and court stage;
  • organisation and conducting seminars concerning labour law, including in-house seminars suited to individual needs of the employer.

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